Words are Ashleigh’s superpower

As a storyteller and wordsmith, Ashleigh Mattern loves sharing her stories and helping others share their own.

A mugshot of Ashleigh Mattern

Business owner by day, fiction writer by night

Disguised as the mild-mannered business owner of Vireo Creative and Play Sask Sports, Ashleigh’s first passion lies in the magic of fiction. Her first fiction novel was published in 2023, and she has been working as a professional journalist and copywriter since 2007, writing for local, regional, and national publications and organizations.

In a world hostile to magic, three young mages must find a way to destroy an evil force.

Ashleigh Mattern’s first book is a young adult fantasy novel that follows three young mages on an perilous journey filled with magic and monsters in a setting that is out of this world. For readers of Tamora Pierce and fans of the Final Fantasy video game series, buy your copy today and experience the epic adventure!

The book cover of Magicked

Writing, reading and the creative process

Follow Ashleigh Mattern on her social media channels for book reviews, updates about her work, and observations on the writing way.

Speaker and workshop leader

Ashleigh Mattern is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker and workshop leader with years of professional experience and a passion for sharing her experience. Her ability to engage and inspire her audience makes her an ideal choice for any speaking or teaching engagement.

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